Do you like art? Do you like chicken? Do you like ramen? Do you like fun?

If you've answered "yes" to at least FUN, then we have a place for you!

There's no such thing as too many ramen places in a society that is constantly on the move and where the weather can't seem to make up its mind. With the attack of allergy season at its all time high (for me at least), ramen is a constant lingering daydream of a cure. And with the seemingly rising noodle craze in the DMV area lately, how does one spot stand out from the rest? With respect to ramen's history, we can at least agree that this bowl of splendor is one of life's simple pleasures, where the complexities and intricacies of what makes this dish such a smooth hit worldwide can be left to the master-artists behind the ramen-making to understand. 

With so many ramen spots to choose from in the D.C. metropolitan area, shops are constantly rebranding through innovative ways to out-ramen the next - whether it's with the menu or through the dining experience, itself. We can take notes on what the B.K is doing - Bantam King, that is. Set up by the also popular Daiyaka team. B.K. for Bantam King, ironically located in the revamped space that once was a Burger King, is a Japanese ramen shop with chicken being at the heart of its creations; a style of ramen that is apparently new in Japan and is taking over the ramenthusiasts' world by storm. Nestled in the bustling Chinatown, D.C., the folks at Bantam King take serious strides to keeping you and your taste buds entertained in not-so-serious ways.

With one of D.C’s own veteran chef, Chef Katsuya Fukushima, taking care of your ramen needs, you can order sake, take a seat and absorb the aesthetic of this Technicolor world. From the bright bold colored plastic trays that serve as a contemporary take on wallpaper (yes, trays on the wall), to the eclectic retro diner-styled booths that give off a serious 80s vibe, this vibrant spot is definitely committed to exciting all of your 5 senses. Check out their menu and see for yourself what all of the fun is about.