MITD decided to pair up with some of D.C's dopest artists to take the installations at Future of Sports to the next level.  A lot of hard work and dedication went into each room, and each artist took their idea of the future of sports and made it come to life. These installations are insane!   Get to know the talented artist behind the amazing soccer room, Matt Corrado.


MITD: Who is Matt Corrado?


MC: I am an artist and designer. My work ranges from fine art paintings and large murals, to graphic design, branding and collaborations. I really just love making stuff. After going to art school, I returned to the DC area and worked as a graphic designer for about 5 years until going out on my own full time in 2010. Since then, I have been working as an artist and also co-founded a creative agency (Bright Light) with my good friend in 2011. 


MITD: What do you love most about what you do? What do you like least?


MC: What I love most is the freedom and ability to work on different projects each week, and always be pushing forward. I love being open to new creative opportunities, and challenging myself with each project. My goal, since I was little, was always to make a life out of art, so I try to keep that simple idea as the focus of what I do. The goal has always been to do what I love, so I am grateful for that. What I like least…  the challenges that come with running your own business. There is so much more to it than just making the work, and sometimes I get bogged down in the stuff, that I don’t enjoy doing as much. But I’ve learned a lot over the last 7 years, and although I have made a lot of mistakes, I have learned a ton and I try to take something positive out of every experience - good or bad. 


MITD: Talk to us a little bit about your piece for Future of Sports!


MC: This was a super fun project. It’s not very often I get a chance to cover an entire large room wall to wall with my work. I wanted the room to be an immersive experience, where the whole surface was covered, and the visitors literally walk through my work. I was hoping to bring a burst of energy and color to the room, which is something I try to do with all of my work.

I’m stoked on how the space turned out. I can’t wait to see how people interact and engage with the room. That part of it is always just as fun for me as making the work itself.


MITD: What's your favorite sport? Did you play any growing up? If so, which?


MC: I was big into sports as a kid and still love sports, especially all of my D.C. home teams. Growing up my main sports were basketball and baseball, which I played up through high school. I still play basketball a couple nights a week, and it’s by far my favorite way to stay in shape. I will likely do that for as long as I can. I was also way into skateboarding, which drove a lot of the inspiration for my artwork when I was younger, and still does. I collected magazines and painted my own skate decks, built ramps, etc. I always loved the creative culture and independent spirit that surrounded it, and I think I also got a lot of my entrepreneurial instincts from that world.


MITD: What's your favorite D.C. team?




MITD: What's next for you?


MC: I have a few big projects lined up next that should be a great ending to a super busy year in 2017. I also just try to keep myself open to opportunities as they come, and not get too far ahead. Goal wise though, I am looking to continue painting larger installations, work on more brand collaborations, and grow my creative agency in 2018. Keep pushing!