Bristol unveils their NBA-inspired collection

LA-based label Bristol, created by former college basketball players Luke Tadashi and Tommy Nowels, has recently been putting it's name in the spotlight. Recognized for the use of Japanese fabrics and Italian wool, the newest range is only Bristol’s second collection and is inspired by the NBA, specifically Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady.

Bristol has brought new designs that are "conventional silhouettes, created in unconventional ways." Some stand-out pieces include the flight jacket, sherpa coat, and angular-cut corduroys. 

Also, to celebrate the release of their second collection, Bristol will be hosting a cocktail party during Paris Fashion Week on January 18 at their showroom. Check out the collection below:

Bristol Showroom at Paris Fashion Week
40 Rue de la Tour d’Auvergne
75009, Paris

    Photography : Joshua Anderson