Maxine Ashley has always known that she was destined to be amazing. She jump started her career by uploading Pop and R&B covers to youtube as a pre teen - which eventually lead to a discovery by Pharrell Williams.

In her latest video Lobster, Maxine sings over a downbeat electronic beat "I'll be just fine/ smoking good/ live and prosper"  as she parades around a multi-story Bronx apartment and smokes with her friends and family. Maxine is a Bronx lady through and through which is evident in her songs and style. Her fashion style is 'high fashion but from the hood.' Her music cannot be confined to one genre -instead it is the perfect fusion of her Puerto Rican upbringing and 90s style R&B. Maxine should be already be on your watch list because she's got next. 

Check out Lobster below.