Looking for an on-the-go health-conscious food choice??

NAME: Buredo (pronounced "bur-EE-doh")

LOCATION: Franklin Square (825 14th Street NW Washington DC, 20005) OR DuPont (1213 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, DC, 20036)

METRO: Franklin Square (McPherson Sq-Blue & Orange line) // Dupont (Farragut North- Redline)

POPULAR DISH: Beatrix Buredo- yellowfin tuna and salmon sashimi with cucumber, pickled cabbage, green onion, tempura crunch, unagi sauce ($11.75)

Buredo, started by two childhood friends and DC natives Travis Elton and Mike Haddad, is a burrito sized sushi roll shop featuring Asian and other globally inspired ingredients and flavors.

Buredo roles their sushi rolls to order, using seasoned rice and traditional nori. Playing with a variety of natural colors and textures, Buredo crafts their sushi burritos with the highest quality & all-natural ingredients with no artificial dyes or flavors.

Bringing a new way of eating sushi to the District, Buredo carefully engineers each sushi burrito combining a variety of tasteful flavors, textures & colors that create a delicious flavor-oriented healthy meal. 

To learn more about Buredo check out their website!