In honor of the launch of #MADEINDC program by Think Local First and Small Business Development Program, MITD has decided to highlight local businesses that are a part of the program: businesses that design, make/produce, and/or assemble products in the District of Columbia.

Think first DC and DC Small business started the #MadeinDC Program as a response to the momentum and growth of the Maker and creative economy in Washington, DC, the Made in DC Program will function as a citywide campaign and platform, creating opportunity for Makers to come together for resource and experience sharing, as well as function as a conduit and messenger between Makers and local government.


 Photo via riidebikes.com

Photo via riidebikes.com

Hailing from Washington DC, Riide Bikes offers a new way to ride that accommodates both novice and everyday bikers. Through the company’s Riide pass, members pay $79 per month to have unlimited access to their very own electric Riide bike. The monthly fee also includes theft insurance, a charger and lock, and unlimited service in select areas. The company’s under $100 price point compares favorable to the projected monthly cost to own a car, use a ride sharing app, or take public transportation.

Furthermore, the company’s “cool bikes for the hip crowd” has captured the attentions of the tech and commute spaces for its, seemingly, easy to use design. Major media outlets, such as TechCrunch and The Washington Post have featured Riide. “A lot of e-bikes have a really tough learning curve because there are so many speeds and settings, so we chose to make the bike a single speed bike with a straightforward motor,” said Jeff Stefanis, co-founder of Riide, in an interveiw with TechCrunch. “It’s natural.”

 Photo via Riides.com

Photo via Riides.com

Easy on the legs and the environment, Riide’s bike are positioned to be city commuters go-to choice in order to, as stated on their official website, "Experience the freedom to get where you need to go without traffic, parking, or congestion. Venture further, flatten hills, and love getting there on your Riide electric bike."


For more information about Riide, visit www.riide.com

You can also follow them here:

TWITTER: @riidebikes

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/riidebikes

INSTAGRAM: @riidebikes