By: Marquis Goodwin


5. Arca Drops Entrañas 

This past weekend Arca dropped a new song entitled "Sin Rumbo," accompanied by a visual from Jesse Kanda. Arca has been hinting Kanda may be called for more visuals soon. Post the release of "Sin Rumbo," Arca promised more music would follow and Monday it did. In a project called Entrañas, Arca remained true to his word. The project is 14 tracks and features similar ideological artists like Total Freedom, Massacooraman, and Mica Levi/Micachu. You can stream the project below or download it for free here.

4. Should Jaden Smith Drop This?

The 17-year-old mysterious golden child, Jaden Smith, moves on his own accord. While moving around the city, Smith gave fans a snippet of some unreleased music. No one knows if or when this song will be released, but according to his caption, on Instagram, Smith thinks it should be streaming on Apple Music. Despite his small discography, the son of, mega-actor, Will Smith is renowned for his philosophical and music genius. Give the snippet a listen here and let us know what you think. 

3. More Logic

Lately Maryland born and raised rapper, Logic, has been dropping a lot of new music. So far it has just been singles, but now that has all changed. Last week, Logic dropped a mixtape named Bobby Tarantino. The mixtape was produced solely by Logic and longtime collaborator 6ix. Bobby Tarantino is Logic’s first collection of music since his 2015 release of The Incredible True Story, although he was featured on a “Wrist” with Pusha T. Listen to Bobby Tarantino below

2. Got Milf?

Over the weekend, Fergie surprised us all with her brand new single and music video, "M.I.L.F. $." Moms Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigan, and Ciara all appear in the rapper's music video (all looking hot as ever). Kim has even been making headlines from the video. Critics point to Photoshop for her hourglass figure in the video. Regardless in classy Fergie style, the video is playful, fun and alluring. Watch as these M.I.LF.'s come out to play. For the full video visit FERGIE'S GOT THAT M.I.L.F. $


Last week Joe Budden released a  diss track titled "Making A Murderer pt. 1" aimed at Views rapper and OVO Sound frontman, Drake. The diss came amid Drake's recent peak in success, as his latest album has been the number one selling album for the past two months. Drake has experienced beef with other musicians before, as his feud with Meek Mill resulted in permanent damages to his opponent's image and gave us the Grammy-nominated "Back to Back." Well this time Budden is dropping tracks back to back. In the wee hours of the morning, Budden dropped his follow up to "Making a Murderer pt.  1" called "Wake." Give it a listen: