Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, Jeremih & Smino New Track Leaks

In this crazy kind of world, we are glad we got this leak. With a Jeremih hook reminiscent of the 90s hit sitcom Living Single's theme song, this track had a nostalgic aura. The track also features verses from Big Sean and Smino, but there was still one thing missing from Chance's latest song, "Living Single;" J. Cole. Earlier this year, Chance hinted that Cole would be on the track during an interview with Zane Lowe. While this ultimately did not happen, early critiques rate Cole's replacement, Smino, with the best verse on the track.

This track slid through the cutting room floor from Chance's latest project, Coloring Book. It is believed, "one more label," tried to stop Chance from putting this track on the project. Nonetheless, we have it now for our enjoyment. Take a listen to the stream of the track below, before it is removed from the internet!