Corpse Flower Blooming Soon in DC



The U.S. Botanic Garden is housing a beautiful yet smelly sight. The flowers technical name is "Amorphophallus titanum" but it's street name is the corpse flower. Due to it's unqiue characteristics, the botanic gardens is now offering extended hours as we tread towards the bloom of the corpse. Open until 8pm, Vistors can feat their eyes on the flower, and as the flower nears the "stench cycle" the gardens will stay open until 11pm to make sure guests don't miss a thing. 


The Amorphophallus titanum typically blooms for 24 to 48 hours and is most odoriferous at night. Peak bloom is estimated to occur July 28-31. The crazy thing about the corpse is, alright it appears to be one flower, it is actually several hundred flowers combined to make one flower organ.  

Warm temps this coming week is said to accelerate peak bloom so make your way over to as soon as you can, which is located on the southwest side of the U.S. Capitol at 100 Maryland Ave. SW. If you would like to still experience the bloom without the daunting smell catch a live stream of the corpse bloom here