Local Artist on the Rise: Swan Lingo

by Tyler Hoyle

D.C. native Swan Lingo's music is "very very underrated." Spirit Plug, his debut EP was released via WeDidIt Collective, an LA based label headed by Shlohmo, Groundislava and Ryan Hemsworth to name a few.


Swan Lingo emerges from the generation of internet rap (aka Soundcloud rap)  characterized by  lo-fi, dark, emo beats, minimalist production quality. However Swan Lingo stands out. He produced his own beats on 'Spirit Plug' - noting that he was going through a period of heart break while recording this EP.

The focus is less on the lyrics and more on the overall emotion of each song - producing a dream-like quality.  His music is both modern and nostalgic - a futuristic combination of 90s shoegaze band Slowdive, contemporary Beach Fossils and the cloud rap Don, Yung Lean. 

With a co-sign from WeDidIt, Swan Lingo's rise seems inevitable. WeDidIt member Nick Melons, advised everyone to "break up w/ur bf/gf & listen 2 Swan Lingo EP to mend ur broken lil heart."  Whether you take Melons advice or not, definitely keep your eyes and ears open for more Swan Lingo in the near future.

Check out the video for "Fidelity" - his latest lo-fi masterpiece while you wait.