'Becky With the Good Hair' Writer Steps Out

The artist formerly known as Wynter, currently best known for her collaborations with Beyonce, is stepping out with a single of her own. Now under the moniker, Diana Gordon, the "Sorry" songstress is jumping back into the limelight for the first time since her 2011 LP With the Music I Die. Her latest song, "The Legend of" is a eclectic soothing RnB tune setting herself far apart from her "Becky With the Good Hair" lyricism. Check out the song below. 

In an email to The Fader:

I’ve never been comfortable stating my value or saying ‘I am exceptional.’ Humility and fear have always been my biggest vice. The Legend Of is a tiny cliff note of stories from my life. It blends music I enjoy, the unique tones that make up my voice and is a celebration of my achievements and lessons I’ve learned disguised as failures.
— Diana Gordon