Jordyn Woods x Boo Hoo Collection



Women in the fashion industry often face scrutiny when it comes to their body image and consequently have to kowtow to the insane standards set in place. Model Jordyn Woods is no stranger to body insecurities however she is showing her body love and has embraced her beautiful curves. Two days ago, Woods announced her first fashion collection with online retailer Boohoo.

Catering to women sizes 2-22, Woods collection will hit stores in September. The model also added a bit of her style to the line  and it will feature fashion-foreward styles you would catch her wearing, such as bomber jackets, dusters, bodysuits, and party pieces. This has been an incredible opportunity to design a collection that embraces all body types,” Woods tells Glamour.

Sharing her personal anecdote to shed light on the drive behind her line, Wood says, "There were points in my life growing up when I wanted to dress like other girls my age, but I couldn’t find clothes in my size that were as cute as theirs. With, I have been supported and encouraged to create something that all women can have access to and that I am proud of.”

Young girls and women struggle to find their size and love their body in this day and age but we're glad Woods is a positive force teaching us to be confident in our skin. Catch her line in September to purchase some curve-accentuating clothing.