Youtube Music Launches “It’s Who We Are.” Campaign


Youtube Music has launched "It's Who We Are" campaign with the help of some noted celebrities. The 5 part short video series has caused quite the controversy with some rather provocative scenes.. This campaign is said to be the biggest one the company will run this year. Take a look for yourself.


YouTube Music – Alex’s Theme

Youtube Music- Afsa's Theme

Youtube Music - Jaysn's Theme

Youtube Music - Kristen's Theme


Danielle Tiedt, YouTube's chief marketing officer, spoke to Billboard regarding the thought process behind the videos. "We kind of leaned into characters where you really saw thatjuxtaposition of the way music is with you at really critical moments in your life and how it helps define you and bring these characters to life in the same way we're also highlighting this incredible diversity of users and the music we have on the platform."