This week's #WORKCRUSHWEDNESDAY goes out to mom, wife and District watercolorist @CrisClappLogan! Cris has a way of turning her everyday circumstance into timeless illustrations. Her Instagram gives followers the essence of a powerful fashionista, but it is also decorated with iconic illustrations like that of Muhammad Ali, juxtaposed to the realities mommy duties. In a nutshell, she puts both her reality and imagination on canvas and the watercolors often bleed into one another. 

Cris' Instagram reads like a diary or rather window into her life. During times of misery, like the shooting in Orlando, Cris paints melancholy imagery of a woman in a blood red dress amongst a cityscape with a caption that includes #prayfororlando. But in many cases, the feed also serves as promotion. Instead of drafting up some graphic flyer, Cris sketches up images like that of David Garber to remind followers to get out and vote on the final day of the District primary. Additionally, Cris sketches a vivid fashion picture of a woman garnished in a colorful bathing suit with the caption, "Hey #DC friends - I'll be live sketching on Friday at the @dcswimweek16 pre-fashion show @vidafitnessdc- buy a ticket and come say hey," to let followers know of her upcoming events.

All in all, the illustrator, watercolorist and mom is very well-rounded. Her work is admirable yet seems effortless to her. It is as if a childhood doodler is trapped in the body of a mom. The only difference is this mom is a well-seasoned artist with a message. Still those childhood nature doodles bleed through this veteran artist's paint brush. 

To see more of Cris' work visit her Instagram, but to just keep up with her day-to-day follower her on Twitter. Also, her work is for sale on her Etsy. Enjoy this week's #WCW!