#MadeinDC: Bailiwick Clothing Company


In honor of the launch of #MADEINDC program by Think Local First and Small Business Development Program, MITD has decided to highlight local businesses that are a part of the program: businesses that design, make/produce, and/or assemble products in the District of Columbia.

Think first DC and DC Small business started the #MadeinDC Program as a response to the momentum and growth of the Maker and creative economy in Washington, DC. The Made in DC Program will function as a citywide campaign and platform, creating opportunity for Makers to come together for resource and experience sharing, as well as function as a conduit and messenger between makers and local government.

This week Made in the District is featuring Bailiwick Clothing Company as the local business of the week.

Bailiwick is an apparel brand dedicated to making clothing that reflects the nations capital. Created by two brothers, Bailiwick is designed and printed in DC. 

The word Bailiwick, an Old English word derived from the combination of the word bailiff (meaning a local officer with certain powers) and wic (meaning village), today means a person's area of authority, knowledge, or expertise. In other words, whatever a person is good at, that is your bailiwick; thus, Bailiwick Clothing encourages everyone to embrace their expertise. 

Bailiwick is dedicated to sharing the untold stories of the people, places, and things that make DC and the DMV so unique. Merging the world of design, culture, and purpose Bailiwick, whenever possible, uses apparel that are made in the USA. 

Shop their apparel here & check out their website to learn more about the company!