Vic Mensa Releases EP "There's Alot Going On"


Vic Mensa releases his first project since 2013, a seven track playlist titled There's A lot Going On.  

Mensa debuted the song "16 Shots" on Beats 1 Radio for Apple Music, a dedication to Chicago teen Laquan McDonald, who died after being shot by the police 16 times. In lure of this, the artist has partnered up with Hip Hop's Respect My Vote! campaign to make this EP a free download for his fans who vote in exchange.

Here is a look at the tracklist:

Dynasty (Intro)
16 Shots
New Bar
 Liquor Locker [ft. Ty Dolla $ign]
Shades of Blue
There’s Alot Going On

Make sure to vote here before the 4th of July to download this EP and hear it for yourself.