formerly known as nativedanger, brand GeneralNeed Launches Summer series


Clothing brand formerly known as NativeDanger is transitioning to an essential menswear brand, now known as GeneralNeed, and will be launching just in time for summer. GeneralNeed has officially launched its Summer Uniform no. 1 series online.


A launch event will be held Saturday June 18th from 7pm - 9pm at Redeem in DC where they will debut the summer series. The idea behind this summer line was to put together a "quintessential uniform for the guy with an active life that values the progression of time and wants to look relevant but not ‘trendy’ in the contrived sense. In short, modern technical essentials in their most timeless but future leaning form.” The more reliable a piece is, the more you will wear it, whether it be continuously or simply for comfort, and that is the thought behind GeneralNeed's summer series.