Philadelphia's Pizzeria Vetri to Open on 14th Street


 Image courtesy of The Washington Post.

Image courtesy of The Washington Post.

Philadelphia’s Pizzeria Vetri is set to open on 14th Street. Chef Marc Vetri states that he is “not a fan” of the Naples style of pizza, meaning that the restaurant will feature a large wood-burning oven that cooks pizzas at 700 degrees for roughly three minutes. The pizzas will be made from dough created with American flour, King Arthur Flour. There will also be a slice of the day created on thicker dough and cut in rectangular pieces.

Jeff Benjamin, the chief operating officer of the company behind Pizzeria Vetri, Vetri Family, wants to assure that customers understand that “we’re a pizzeria”, which means the restaurant will keep things simple. The menu currently consists of ten pizzas, with a choice in size. As far as drinks, there will be two wines on tap, four beers, and four speciality cocktails.