DC Named top 10 Most Walkable City



Oh the places you'll go, in DC? According to the studies done by The George Washington University School of Business and Smart Growth America, an advocacy group, looked at the nations 30 fast paced metropolitan areas and were able to come to the conclusion that DC is the second most walkable city in the nation. It is a know fact that New York City To our surprise, in 2014 DC beat out NYC for the number one spot!  

By now you should be asking yourself how does one measure walkability? Simple, the number of  “walkable urban places,” or what they referred to as WalkUPs, are counted in each of the metropolitan areas and how often people go there. WalkUPs include downtown areas such as Chinatown; areas surrounding downtown such as Dupont Circle; commercial districts like Columbia Heights; and university campus areas. Suburban areas, too, like Tysons Corner and the Reston Town Center, also count as a type of WalkUP. 


According to Census Bureau data, The District also had has a relatively high number of commuters who walk to work: 12.1 percent. With metro work being done nowadays and causing uncertain arrival times for commuters, people are more inclined to just walk to their destinations. 

Theres always something going on in the district so who knows, maybe next year we'll get and keep the number one spot again.