I do a lot.
— Merima Repesa

This weeks #WORKCRUSHWEDNESDAY is sometimes muse, sometimes artist, all the time creative, Merima Repesa, better known as @MERIMART. The PG raised, DC made creative uses current issues in politics and social culture like feminism, ethnic cleansing, drug abuse, and so forth, to highlight messages of raising awareness through her work using a variety of mediums and styles to appeal to different demographics.

Merimart's work includes everything from portraits of hip-hop artists and political figures to digital artwork and political cartoons, with doodles and "dawgs" in between. She also often hosts events that push creative culture and provoking discussion through her art exhibits and much more. So, indeed Merimart does "do a lot," and that is why she is this weeks #WORKCRUSHWEDNESDAY! 

Check out her work here and follow her on Twitter and Instagram