@GiveUsMorePower Drops Their Debut Project 'Sleven'

Sleven is the product of two years, three beers, and countless trips to 7-11. its a hip-hop album that will evoke your inner angst of adolescence. it’s a grunge album that will make Kid Cudi cry. We are your fathers.
— G.U.M.P.

@UnoHype's band @GiveUsMorePower, G.U.M.P., just dropped their debut project Sleven and the brevity is beautiful. The EP gives a yearn similar to getting just a bite of the most delicious doughnut, rather than force feeding three and regretting it later. Fans get just a taste, a feeling, a vibe from a song then it is taken away. The brevity not only makes it an easy repeat listen, but rather a necessity. Clocking in just under 14 minutes, G.U.M.P.'s debut project does not underperform.

The six-track EP is a mashup of hip-hop, jazz and rock by the post-rock/hip-hop quartet. Recorded by Mikey Ambrosino in December 2015 at Patuxent Studios in Rockville, Maryland and mixed and mastered by Moises Estrada in Baltimore, Maryland, Sleven is worth a listen. It will not take up much of your time. Listen below and enjoy the ambiance.