Blacklight Slide Coming to DC


 All images courtesy of U Run LLC.

All images courtesy of U Run LLC.

This July, Blacklight Slide will be coming to Maryland and will serve as a fun night activity for Washingtonians on July 29th and 30th. The Blacklight Slide event features two 200-foot inflatable slides that takes riders over a 45-foot drop and two slip-and-slides, all of which are covered in a UV blacklight that will make riders glow.

Unfortunately, Justin Muir, a spokesperson for U Run LLC, which is the host of the event, said that Blacklight Slide has sold out for the July 30th date after amassing a guest list of 7,000 people.

Muir also hints that riders will have opportunities to ride the slide more and with shorter wait times toward the end of the night, avoiding the up to 45 minute lines that can form for the slides.

After racing down the slides, attendees can go over to the Blacklight Slide After Party, which is included in the price of admission. The after party will feature music from a top DJ and more UV-lit water, providing an opportunity to make the fun last all night.

Also included in the price of admission is a donation to a local charity. This year, the charity is Miracle Flights, a nonprofit organization that aids children who are unable to afford travel costs associated with airfare for doctors visits and other medical needs.

Tickets are $20 until June 19th.  After this date the prices will rise to $50.