The Grammy's to accept streaming-only releases on ballots

By: Wesley IV

After a fan of Chance the Rapper initiated a push for The Grammy's to consider artists who released projects solely through streaming services for the award; the support has been so immense that the academy has just announced that they will do just that.

The award ceremony has been criticized in recent times for its outdated methods of choosing nominees, and with this monumental change we are sure to see an entirely new host of artists gaining recognition. 

Bill Freimuth, the Senior Vice President of Awards, explained that the process will only be open to artists that use streaming sites such as Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify, to weed out artists who are able to upload music to freely in order to avoid the 12-year old "singing a Beyonce cover into her comb" from being considered.

This is perhaps the biggest change made to the awards in recent memory and stands to perhaps make online artists think about the music they release in a different light.