iTake Pictures & AutoTune Them
— @rahbygod

The Egyptians not only deemed Ra (Re) the Sun God, but he was also revered as the God that created everything. Similarly, Rah Rah Yola deemed himself a God, hence the name @rahthegod. Just like Pusha T said, Rah believes there is a God above him, he is just the God of everything else! Both roles of the Egyptian God fit Rah. He creates and his work with light (the sun) is unparalleled. 

Rah takes street style photographs, but reserves the same elegance of professional studio photo shoots. The editing, the composition and the tones are all professional quality, but the content is still raw and gritty due to the subjects. Most of the shoots are outdoors and highlight elevated street brands, like, Billionaires Boys Club, Bape, and Supreme. 

Rah's models can often be found smoking or juxtaposed an urban cityscape. The photographs are relatable, yet praiseworthy. They are the type of photographs to make you want to grab a DSLR camera and hit the streets, but why do that when Rah is looking for people to shoot? Currently he is shooting his Spring/ Summer portfolio and looking for new faces. So like Rah says, "trap with me." Email him at and check out more of his work on Twitter and Instagram.  

P.S. Rah even has a song! Check it out!