Kanye West Previews "Only One" Video Game


“Only One” started as a song, but for over a year, Kanye West has been developing a video game based on “Only One” that will follow his mother as she arrives at heaven’s gates. Those in attendance at the The Life of Pablo event at Madison Square Garden got an exclusive look at some of the game’s footage. GameSlice.TV’s coverage of E3 2016 gifted us with a trailer and some stills from the game.

The host of E3 2016, Geoff Keighley, let it slip that Kanye debuted “Only One” to game devleopers at E3 2015. Keighley also spoke of the conversation held between West and the developers, hinting that they spoke about West’s dream of attending school for video games before going into hip-hop.

Check out the stills and trailer below.


Source: http://www.thefader.com/2016/06/13/kanye-w...