Loudoun And Fairfax Are Ranked The 'Happiest' Counties In America


Already holding the title of number one richest counties in the nation, for the second year in a row, Loudoun County has successfully been named the happiest county in America. Low unemployment and poverty rates (both under 4%) and an income ratio of 2.5.

Loudoun county residents should be proud of this accomplishment. Following closely behind them, Fairfax county came in second place. Being one of three counties in America where residents are expected to live over 83 years and residents bring in a median income of $100,584, it’s safe to say inhabitants of Fairfax County are both wealthy and healthy.

Some counties that proceeded Loudoun and Fairfax include, Carver County, Minnesota, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and Morris County.

Virginians are surely at the top of their game.