40th Year Anniversary Calls for The National Air And Space Museum to Announce An All-Night Party

photo via capitolescapes

To infinity and beyond or just partying all night, The National Air and Space Museum, which has the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world, will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in style on July 1st. Their first all-night party will include music, tours, film screenings, some bubbly, and many more.

The museums central gallery space, Flight Hall, will now take on a new alias, Bowing Milestones of Flight Hall after Boeing’s generous donation of $30 million to the Museum. Featuring new digital displays, a mobile experience in its first renovation since opening in 1967 and the Apollo Lunar Module, which has occupied the museums east end since 1976. The lunar module’s calculated relocation “has been placed in position to create a dramatic centerpiece for the exhibition,". Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed with a sight that will offer their occipital lobes a view of the future.

To top it all off, the museum will feature a newly converted IMAX theater with laser digital projections, and Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, which was brought out of storage thanks to a huge contribution the public made when the museum launched a $500,000 campaign to make it happen.

Everything happening in the Museum is setting the stage for the amazing anniversary ahead. When renovations began, museum director Gen. J.R. “Jack” Dailey said, this 21st century transformation helps us honor the past innovations while inspiring future innovations,”

This once in a lifetime experience, is at the fingertips of the public with the purchase of a ticket. There will be an adult reception that will allow guests to gallery hop, dabble in the open bar, hear the U.S Air Force band play, and offer up any questions they have for the events special guests.  Try your hand at staying up all night and testing if the sky really is the limit as you glide through The National Air and Space Museum 40th anniversary or catch it via live webcast!