Lyrics like "sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on," by Drake in 2010, could not describe modern trends better. More and more dressing comfy, especially as a girl, is becoming a trend. Comfy is the new cute or better yet the new black. Even social media trendsetters like @YesJulz push the notion for "comfy cute" and hopes to one day have a comfy girls clothing line. Ladies have long had an admiration for men in grey sweatpants and sneakers, but now it is the ladies turn.

Helping push this notion is photographer and all around creative, @JeffStashBox. In a series called #COZYGIRLS, Jeff takes street style photos of women in comfortable, or rather cozy, street brand clothes with New York in the backdrop. The composition serves as a refreshing break from the stereotypical sexual innuendo laden photos of women modeling form-fitting or little clothing. Ironically the women in the photography by Jeff give off just as much, if not more, sex appeal. It is a different type of sexy. It is the girl next door type of sexy. It is the "approachable girl" type of sexy. 

Beautiful girls, beautiful weather and beautiful colors, does it get much better? Summer is coming you can feel it, but for now get cozy and enjoy the latest series from @JeffStashBox.

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