check out these COLORful poster series in DC

I love colorful stuff ... I didn’t want this project to be sedate and too-cool-for-school.
— Anthony Dihle

For nearly a year now, 33-year-old graphic designer, Anthony Dihle has been biking around the District and capturing the moments. He then turns those moments into a colorful poster series known as The DC Neighborhood Project.

Dihle, originally from Frederick, Maryland, is the founder of the full service design practice, Victory Dance Creative. Aside from posters VDC brands, illustrates books and designs everything from maps to websites. Nonetheless, the most popular service remains this “DC Neighborhood Project,” many of which are sold out. 

"The neighborhood project is an ongoing series created to show off and commemorate Washington DC outside of the typical views of the Capitol Building and monuments. Each print uses an actual view from each neighborhood showing a building, landmark, or street view that is memorable or characteristic of the neighborhood."

The process to create the posters includes taking a picture of iconic strips in Washington-area neighborhoods, then drawing them, followed by scanning them onto a computer. They are all handmade prints, which makes the process take over three days to design, post snapping the picture. 

The vibrant color scheme hits viewers first, reminiscent of a Broadway poster. The posters grew out of an inspiration to move away from the cliché images of today's District.

"I was tired of seeing DC as only the Washington Monument, only the Capitol Building, only the White House. I wanted to start to show off the visual character of the neighborhoods, so I tried to get an image from each that was a landmark, or was characteristic of the area, like the two-story townhouses in Capitol Hill, or the Art Deco building in Cleveland Park.”

Lucky admirers of Dihle's work can still get a print of the District here for under $20.