Now, at only 19, Malik ... is looking to expand KA into all aspects of art and urban culture. What you see now is only the beginning of something much greater.
— Kvpitol Artistry

At the age of 13, this week's #WORKCRUSHWEDNESDAY, Malik J. Sparrow started what is known today as Kvpitol Artistry or KA for short.  Growing up Sparrow always possessed the ability to draw and create, but it was not until his teenage years that he tried to make his talent into something greater. He wanted to be more. He wanted to be something other people could appreciate. He wanted to be an artist. Being an artist, for him, meant being able to turn his skills into more than just a hobby, but an occupation.

Early on the young artist created his own comic book series "Akuma Shio" and began his own shoe customization business under the name of KA. His custom shoe designs detailing high-end designers’ logos on affordable kicks are some of his most popular to date. These logos include the widely popular street brand Bape’s camouflage, the classic COMME des GARÇONS’ heart and the sophisticated Burberry print.

He wanted to make KA something more than just art, but an idea of self-expression that would influence others to express themselves artistically rather than getting into trouble and following down the wrong path. 

Aside from the custom shoes, KA also creates graphics and original paintings. The artwork tends to include stylized cartoons and modern day pop culture like, rapper, Future or Chief Keef. Similarly, KA’s graphics include this cover art for Norfolk based rapper Al-Dom$. KA just wants to create things that makes people feel amazed at the innovational potential of simpler things.

Visit Kvpitol Artistry’s website to shop for customized apparel, view more artwork or to learn more. Also be sure to follow Kvpitol Artistry’s Twitter and Instagram