Most of the pictures are small, and many of them are square, evoking comic-strip panels. The biggest and most complex one was painted directly on the wall, which seems apt. It will disappear forever after the show closes, as if it had been painted on a warehouse or train trestle. But ...
— Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

... But this week's #WORKCRUSHWEDNESDAY, Matt Corrado's, art lives on forever. The aforementioned quote from The Washington Post's article on Corrado's show at Adah Rose Gallery, in the summer of 2014, still resonates today. His paintings are still small, full of bright colors, and often derived from pop culture. And they are still just as fleeting. He creates a work of art today and moves on to another the next, but they never are forgotten. 

In his own words, Matt Corrado is an interdisciplinary artist based in Washington, DC. He is an artist by all definitions of the word. He is sonically an artist with his group, Miles Midnight, which describes itself as a “pop music project.” Additionally he is visually an artist with his work heavily influenced by his youth and love for pop art, skateboarding and comic books.

His pieces strike viewers with heavy black lines atop spray-painted fluorescent backdrops, giving the viewer a vibe reminiscent of a street tagger spray painting and fleeing on a skateboard. His trademark seems to be including a Mickey Mouse hand in his pieces. Nonetheless, he still incorporates classic techniques like Ben-Day dots, a style used in 60s comics, but in a modern way. He tends to use diamond shapes instead of dots, but his pieces always display texture. Which only makes sense because he rubs off on people the right way. 

He is even open to working with his contemporaries. 

"I would love to work with you on your next project, mural, art show, or commissioned artwork. Please feel free to shoot me an email about your project or available works for sale, and I will be sure to get right back to you."

Email Corrado at or connect with him on the interwebz via facebooktwitter, and instagram.