My intention as an artist is to continue to grow and use my art as my ticket to see the world ... Come grow with me. Welcome to my world, viewed through my eyes, the A R T I S T.
— Marly Mcfly

Never grow up. This week's #WORKCRUSHWEDNESDAYMarly Mcfly, is the type of person that never did. His childhood enjoyment became his adult career. Mcfly harbors his passion through art. In his own words he, "began to pursue art as a child drawing everything from cartoons, comics, action figures and athletes," and not much has changed. The self-taught Virginia artist's art incorporates everything from Dragon Ball Z to, the Virginia legend, Allen Iverson. 

While Mcfly's artwork is childish in nature, it is elevated by technique. He often displays a technique know as Ben-Day dots. This is a classic 60s comic format. Hip-hop heads may be familiar with this technique used on Fabolous' Summertime Shootout mixtape released last November. Similarly, Mcfly likes to incorporate pop culture in his art. "I draw influences from my surroundings and try to incorporate the ever changing world of pop culture into my artwork," said Mcfly. 

In a nutshell, his art encompasses his thoughts from within coupled with his experiences from the outside world. The mix of pop and street art come together beautifully with bright acrylic paints. For more looks at his artwork, to order a print or to just learn more about Marly Mcfly visit his website