Donald Trump Buys Billionaire Boys Club?


Last Friday, Highsnobriety announced that Presidential nominee- and all around loser- Donald Trump had recently purchased Pharrell Williams' Billionaire Boys Club; renaming it Billionaire Mens Club. Evidence of the purchase included real samples sent to publishers, a website launch, and a speech by 'Trump' declaring the acquisition.

The news caused waves on social media that continued to ripple on past the weekend... and April Fool’s day. That's right, the entire thing was an elaborate hoax by the fashion-centric webzine. 

It may have been a farce this time, but with a possible contested Republican National Convention looming, and Trump's current poll numbers lower than both Democratic nominees, we won't be surprised if Pharrell get's that call to "Make America Radical Again," sometime before November.

Make Donald Drumpf Again~