2016 Funk Parade is almost here


The Funk Parade honors the power of bringing people together and making them feel special.The power is shown through the spirit of funk, and the U Street neighborhood. Justin Rood and Chris Naoum first started the organization because of their love for music, Washington, D.C. and the U Street Neighborhood. The organization was initially called the Listen Local First and it has helped hundreds of musicians and audience and gigs throughout the D.C. area. The organization has now been introduced to dozens of local businesses, neighborhood groups, community leaders, musicians and artist, who have pledged their support to the event. 

2016 Funk Parade Performance Line Up on Saturday, May 7, 2016. This line up features some of the city's best and most performing talents. 

The Funk Ark 

The Ron Holloway Band 

Batala Washington 


Congo Sanchez 

Black Masala 


The Fix 

People’s Champs 

Nappy Riddem 

Fort Knox Five & QDup DJ Sets 

DJ Ayes Cold 



Chelsey Green 

Aaron Ab Abernathy w/ Live Band Nat Turner 

Sam Prather’s Groove Orchestra 

Rufus Roundtree and Da Bmore Brass Factory 


Aztec Sun 

Johnny Artis Band 

Lucky So & Sos 

Of Tomorrow 

Projected Man 

All The Best Kids 

Johnny Popcorn 


Crush Funk Brass 

Trae Crudup & The Cover-Up 

Jenna Camille 

SubUrban Sol 

Black Broadway on U Performances 

Brass to the Bone 

Brass Connection 

DC Legendary Musicians Band with DCLM Special Guest Performers:

Ida Campbell, Lady Mary and Jimi Smooth 

Vava United School of Samba 

Malcolm X Drummers 

Hip Hop Orchestra 

Hung Tao Choy Mei Lucky Lions 

Universal Capoeira 

Robot Disco 

Annual Maggot Brain Guitar Jam 

National Hand Dance Association

Funk Parade events are free of charge, and open to the public, with some venues that are 21+

Funk Parade Schedule: 

12PM-7PM: Day Festival with Performance Areas throughout U Street 

4PM-5PM: The Parade from the Howard Theater to the Lincoln Theater 

7PM-10PM: Music Festival with U Street venues, lounges and bars hosting FREE live music throughout the evening