MITD Local Artist of the Week - Color Palette

This week Made in the District is featuring Color Palette as the local artist of the week.

Color Palette is a DC-based electro-rock band that has been gaining traction quickly, having been featured in USA Today, NME Magazine (UK), & Impose Magazine (to name a few).

Color Palette is a band that you can lose yourself to. Inspired by M83 and Sigur Ros, Color Palette is an eclectic, vibrant, melodic band with that isn't afraid to let their emotions poor into their sound. Band members Jay Nemeyer (vocals & guitar), Josh Hunter (guitar, keys & bass), Matt Hartenau (drums), Rogerio Naressi (keys) and Maryjo Mattea (vocals) combine to create a unique soundscape that revamps the genre.

The band has an upcoming show this Saturday, April 16, at George Washington University, a perfect opportunity to jam with the band if you haven't already!

Check out their website to stay in the know about their upcoming shows & new sounds and give them a listen on SoundCloud / follow them on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook !