Manny Pacquiao Retires After Beating Timothy Bradley


Manny Pacquiao defeated Timothy Bradley by an unanimous decision Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. After the fight, Manny Pacquiao was asked on several different occasions if this was the last time he'll ever fight. 

Pacquiao has said throughout his career that that this fight would be the finale to his Hall of Fame career. He is seeking a senate seat in the Philippines next month, and said he wants to focus on serving the people of his native country. 

Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's longtime trainer, said repeatedly over the past couple of months that he doesn't think it's the end for Pacquiao, However, he will support Pacquiao in whatever he decides. 

Pacquiao made several statements after the fight, however, one statement in particular is keeping hope alive for many fans. 

"My heart is 50/50. Boxing is a really hard sport, very difficult. Like I said, I might enjoy retired life. It's hard to say because I'm not there yet. But right now my decision is to retire."