Artist to Watch: Mus Matos

"Voilà ce que j'ai commencé, je vais le finir," drawls Mus Matos on his newest track "Audience.” Translated, the Philly native declares:

"Here is what I've started, and I'm going to finish it."

Accompanied by gentle sax and a mollifying beat, the song plays like an ode to a paramour, however, it could also be a note to fans craving more from the artist. With his debut a year behind him and only a handful of singles since, this track is literal music to the ears of his followers.

Hitting the scene with "Monicas," a hard but wavy synth infused double shout out to his boys and the ladies who love them, Matos has been slow and steady with his releases. While his self-proclaimed "Mr. Miyagi"--i.e. carefully conditioned--approach to the craft may leave admirers hungry for more, its benefits can be heard in the crooner's small, yet strong, catalog. With comparisons to the Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, and Future abound, one is unlikely to discover a Mus Matos track they can't sway or bounce to ("Here Forever" has landed a spot on this writer's "Soundcloud and Chill" playlist ::winky emoji::)

Matos reverberates "YUNO who's up next!" on his track of the same name. Give this raconteur a listen and you just might know, too.

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