BMW Celebrates 100 Years by Looking to the Future


BMW celebrated its 100th anniversary by revealing the brand's most futuristic creation yet. This creation, the Vision Next 100, envisions what the BMW of 2116 may look like.  

This creation is a low sitting, fully electric sedan with four butterfly doors that open via proximity sensors, "flexible-skin" covered wheels, and the ability to drive itself. This "car of the future" boasts a driver-centric Boost mode, so the driver can take control of the wheel as "Alive Geometry" presents three-dimensional warning messages and the speed the driver should maintain on the road.

However, if you decide for a more sit-back-and-relax type of drive, the steering wheel will become flush with the dash and the seats will recline for a more limo-like ride. This car will also have its own personal assistant that will regularly monitor both the passenger and the driver to learn their habits and adapt to their needs over time.