Watch Cam'ron's New Webseries: "Giles Investigations"

By: Desia Gore

In the first episode of his webseries "Giles Investigations", Camron Giles reveals that he was "a distributor of narcotics" from the 1990's to early 2000's.  His first investigation entails checking on a former client, a comedian who goes by Faceman, to see if he was still an addict. In the footage, which was from 2006, Face allows Cam'ron to spend and film a day with him in exchange for $30.

While the dynamic of Cam and Face is light-hearted and funny, the video contains a serious message as well. When Cam'ron visits Face's apartment, the comedian begins showing off his pipe describing it as his "best friend and worst enemy" much to the disappointment of his former dealer who expresses his concerns in the footage. Cam'ron stated to Fader that he intended to make his audience laugh, but to also deliver an important lesson. "You see what it does to your life? You might be breakdancing in the project hallway for $11. It's funny, but at the same time it's also sad because this is a real life situation. You should have mixed emotions."

Cam'ron has already begun working on more episodes for his series, however he cannot predict what the outcome or function of the show will be. "The people that I'm going to go see, we really don't know where they're at in life right now," he said. "These people could be walking on Wall Street right now for all we know. They might be like, 'Cam, why are you bringing this up?' They may even deny it. That's the beauty of this show."

Check out Episode One below: