#MITDWCW Donovan Gerald

For this week’s #MITDWCW we are work-crushing hard on local photog, Donovan Gerald. A true DMV native, the shooter was born in D.C., currently based in VA, and called MD home once upon a time. This connection to the area combined with shooting almost exclusively on film allows him to capture these cities like no other.

In settings that seem familiar- even when they’re not- the artist uses natural light to create strangely intimate images; like looking at a new flame’s old photo album.

The productivity fueled metropolis is slowed down in Gerald’s portraits. A sense of stillness can be felt when viewing his work. It's no wonder he was selected for one of Maketto's limited edition
The Postcard Series® prints.

Gift yourself a moment of respite this Hump Day by taking a scroll through his feed on
 instagram and tumblr ~