dvsn's New Album: Sept. 5th

By Nelia Dashiell

Dvsn’s new album Sept. 5th has just been recently released this week on iTunes, a week earlier than expected. Dvsn is a mysterious R&B act that has been signed with Drake’s label, OVO. I say mysterious because there is still no idea for sure who is the mystery voice behind the songs (or voices for that matter). So far, all lines lead to singer Daniel Daley with help from record producer and songwriter Nineteen85. Nonetheless, the album Sept. 5th is getting numerous positive feedback and has even been claimed to be the best R&B album to come out this year so far; some sources saying the best R&B album since Bryon Tiller’s T R A P S O U L. Download the album now available on iTunes and let us know what you think!