"Turn Me On" New Instagram Algorithm


Instagram has recently adapted to a non-chronological newsfeed order, similar to Facebook. Instead of post appearing in a familiar linear order, the new algorithim will weigh in a variety of social signs. Your post will appear according to previous content you liked before in an attempt to sort images in the order of "relevancy" or what Instagram thinks interest you the most. 

The update has caused various complaints. It went as far as to prompt a petition on Change.org asking Instagram to leave its chronological feed alone. Most people believe that this new change will limit the amount of likes and views because their content isn't constantly on their followers news feed. A lot of Instagrammers have posted post asking their followers to "Turn On Notifications"  to keep up with their post. 

Many people have complained about this new update, however, others believe that this is actually a good idea. Now Instagrammers will be able to see the latest music video from their favorite artist no matter how many accounts they follow or the time zone they live in. Also, followers will never miss a moment because the most important post will be readily available. 


Instagram tweets that its users have nothing to fear: there will be no major changes to the app at this time.