Artist to Watch: Lance Neptune

Deciding on a spot to snap some shots of Lance Neptune was easy. Narcissus Quagliata’s mural on the Discovery Communications Headquarters Building is equal parts extraterrestrial, celestial, and just plain wavy. The exact same can be said of the sounds being produced by Maryland native, Lance Neptune. Just back from SXSW, Neptune was in high spirits with stories aplenty; finessing his crew into the Earl Sweatshirt showcase, for example. When asked if the SXSW experience was worth it, the beatmaker quickly replied  “Yeah, definitely. If you go there with the right attitude, it’s worth it.”

Last month Neptune dropped his Animal Eclipse EP, a year and a half after his self released album Synthesis caught the attention of fans and labels alike. Released on Magicwire, Animal continues the producer’s interstellar exploration. The title track is all sparkling synths, moving towards an ethereal build so slight you only notice as it begins to fade away; setting the tone for the upcoming voyage dans l’espace.

The EP is reminiscent of French electronic duo Air’s Le Voyage dans la Lune. I share this thought with Neptune, elaborating that the album was created to accompany the newly restored 1902 silent film of the same name (about a trip to the moon and Selenites, it’s considered the earliest example of science fiction film). He reveals that’s exactly what he wants to do - “You know Gravity? I could have scored that,” he says with a grin. He also names “The Martian” and “Interstellar” as flicks he would have liked to compose for; the latter, his favorite space movie.

If you’ve seen his music videos, this comes as no surprise. Artist Rafael Bonilla Jr. uses digital animation, claymation and kaleidoscope visuals to bring pieces of Lance Neptune’s macrocosm to life. “Janus,” the latest release, is a hypnotic trance to another plane. Accompanied by layers upon layers of diverse beats, FlyLo-esque keys keep entropy at bay.

Does Neptune think the cosmos will ever cease to inspire?

“Never. There are so many possibilities, imagining everything we don’t know.”

Any parting words?

“Space is infinite. Looking at it from that point: the sky isn’t the limit. You can go as far as you want to go. As high as you want.”  

Neptune may be the furthest planet from the sun (sorry Pluto), but Lance Neptune has the mentality, technique, and drive to create his own~

The artist hinted at a possible new release soon, so be sure to catch him on soundcloud twitter instagram facebook and youtube