The Weekend In Sports



March Madness has been nothing short of it's title; Madness. With so many upsets in the first round, millions of brackets were destroyed within the first day of the tournament. The biggest upset of them all, Middle Tennessee State University defeating number two ranked Michigan State University. All but one of the number one seeded teams (UNC, UVA, Oregon and Kansas) seem to not be bothered by shaken bracket and the upsets, winning over opponents by double figures. With the Sweet 16 now set and beginning on Thursday, the anticipation of who will continue to dance in the tourney is amongst all of college basketball fans. 


The NBA Saturday night showcase has yet to let us down. This weekend's clash featured the defending champions Golden State Warriors and a veteran lead San Antonio Spurs team. With the two holding the longest active home winning streaks in the NBA, it's safe to the home team was highly favorable to win this duel, and the Spurs did such.  Stephen Curry's video game like jump shot didn't stand a chance against the Spurs' tedious defense. Holding the superstar to only fourteen points and one for twelve from three. you could definitely tell the defense not only bothered Step, but the Golden State Warriors as a whole. The Spurs still owned a respectable fear for the Warriors. They defended Curry better than any previous team had before, using Parker, Green and Leonard to harass him up higher than usual and rarely surrendering those small crevices that Curry often exploits to release his jumper. With only thirteen games remaining in the season, the Warriors are still one game ahead. of the Chicago Bulls' 72-win pace in 1995-96 and not surprisingly, have been for over a month now.