By Loren Nebrich

Here at Made In The District, we are proud to present A Creative DC as our spotlight blog for this week’s Contributor Corner.

To give you a feel of what A Creative DC is all about, take a look at how they describe themselves:  Creative DC is a project celebrating and showcasing creative life in Washington, DC – acknowledging and giving visibility to the city's incredibly diverse, varied, and emerging creative communities, and to the contributors + supporters of the city's creative economy. Across all platforms, our goal is to shift perception of DC creative culture by encouraging and showcasing narrative + perspective.

In an effort for you to get a glimpse of who A Creative DC is, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite posts from their blog, in no particular order.


As a blog that showcases creativity in DC, it’s also important to talk about creative spaces. This post talks about The Lemon Bowl, a deli turned creative work space and studio. In an interview with the women who created the space, Creative DC asks all the right questions. I can appreciate a good interview, and this one really takes the cake. Through thought provoking questions, readers are shown into the lives of the women who use it and what having a work space in the city means to them. Along with the great interview, the author uses beautiful spaces of the workspace itself.

2. Weekend Reads, Etc

One of the really cool features of A Creative DC is the Round-Ups tab of their website. It gives the reader a summary of different creative things that happened during the weekend or are going to happen. Each Round-Up post provides the reader with links to each event or new thing happening. The tone in every one of these posts is excited, and the author gives plenty of detail about each point. If you’re looking for new and exciting things, be sure to check out these posts.

3. Perspective: Jeffry Hesse

This post caught my attention mainly because of the pictures. The pictures accompanying this post are stunning. It turns out, so is the post. Not your typical interview, this post shines a spotlight on Jeffry Hesse and his career as a product manager inspired to to care for the planet. Jeffry is incredibly eloquent and the post is insightful. The pictures that accompany the post add another layer that gives the story even more depth and interest.


4.Deep In The Wilds of Finland: David Bellard

Under the Make / Do / Work tab, I found this beautiful post featuring David Bellard’s photography. With a long quote from Bellard about who he is and what he does, the reader gets a little insight into his gallery of photos from Finland. The author provides a link to Bellard’s website if the reader wants to view more of his photos, which you’d be crazy not to. If photography is your thing, this post, and many like it, is for you.