5 DC Retailers Every MITD Reader Should Know

D.C. has been on the rise within the fashion industry for quite some time now. The District is home to some of the most creative and influential designers, and hosts over 100 boutiques that make the D.C. shopping experience so special.

 We have compiled a list for our readers to make the D.C. experience so much easier.  

1. Kit and Ace

Your time is precious and your comfort is paramount. According to their site, Kite and Ace create designs that look good and feel amazing, so you can forget the small stuff and get on with the big stuff.

1921 8th Street NW, #115 Washington, DC, USA  20001

2. Maketto

 "We wanted to create a space where everyone felt at home, whether it was to enjoy a coffee and a pastry, a nice dinner, a great selection of wines, to shop for new shoes, or to just work quietly in the cafe.  Our hope is that you learn/try something new and can always find a reason to come back to see us."

-  Erik Bruner-Yang  &  Will Sharp

1351 H Street N.E. Washington, DC 20002

3. Commonwealth

Commonwealth, with a decade under their belt as an award winning specialty boutique, has set out on a new objective of becoming an internationally recognized and respected lifestyle brand.  With a network of leaders in art, music, and counter culture at large, Commonwealth is regarded as part of the new wave of pioneers for culture and style.

1781 Florida Ave. NW Washington, DC, 20009

4. Redeem

Tough urban streetwear has a gorgeous home in Redeem, which just moved a few doors down to a giant space on 14th Street. Find brands like Modern Vice, Oak, Religion, Funktional, and options from local D.C. designers.

1810 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

5. Charm

Shop for statement-making jewelry in a gorgeous space, right on M Street.

2910 M St NW Washington, DC 20007