A Retired Peyton Manning Hangs His Hat



In the wise words of Kanye West's, Gold Digger, "18 years, 18 years!" Peyton Manning got a bit emotional announcing his retirement this Monday evening at his press conference. He is the only NFL player to have ever won the Super Bowl twice. Manning retired after 18 seasons; 14 with the Indiana Colts and four seasons with the Denver Broncos. The posterchild played two seasons with a torn ACL, played with a broken left hand, and perservered an intense pulled femoral thigh muscle that bruised his entire leg. 

At the press conference interviewers still expressed concern with a sexual assault case from almost 20 years ago. He denied all accusations and assured people the truth behind this allegation. It's been a great couple of decades with our star player. Surely, we can all say he had a great and victorious go of it.