New Restaurants in the District


As we know from living in DC, there are always new places to see and of course, places to eat. With the weather getting warmer, there has never been a better time to explore what good eats, and drinks DC has to offer.

With help from thrillest, we took the time to put together a list of our 5 favorite new restaurants and bars that you have to try this spring. 

1. Pennsylvania 6

Located right in the heart of downtown, Pennsylvania 6 has an ambiance that will draw anybody in, and the food to make you stay. With its 1940's style, it is unique in its setting and the food speaks for itself.

2. Convivial 

This restaurant is for the real foodie at heart. If you are into trying new things, this is definitely another restaurant to add to your list of spots to visit this season. Chef Maupillier has added his own personal twist to french food with a modern ambiance.


3. Left Door DC

This is definitely for the 21+ crowd looking to try different cocktails while enjoying the vintage feel and sound at the same time. Another 1940's vibe, Left Door has a unique look with its creative drinks at affordable prices.

4. Crisp Kitchen + Bar

As it appears in the name, Crisp's is the best of both worlds. Its delicious and flavor filled fried chicken is enough to get you in the door, and the drinks will keep you there. Crisp Kitchen is located in Bloomingdale, and is one on its own in the city. 

5. Nazca Mochica

Located in Dupont Circle, this peruvian spot is one of our favorites because of how much it has to offer. With two levels, "Mochica" for cocktails and and bar tapas, and "Nazcas" for the full dining experience. So whether you are looking for a happy hour atmosphere, or the traditional dinner setting, you will find both here.