By Hiba J.

This weeks WORKCRUSHWEDNESDAY proudly goes to Dayanita Ramesh, an artist thats been in love with drawing and painting straight out the womb. Since she was a child, she took in everything the world gave her and tried to understand it through art. Her work consists of paintings and drawings of people, animal, things, comic series, posters and many more. 

 Custom Pins on Etsy

Custom Pins on Etsy

Dayanita received a B.A. in Art History and International Relations from UC Davis and a M.A. in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University. 

As a hustler and a go getter with her work, Dayanita is always looking for the next project to dabble in. View more of her work and get in touch with her here if you're looking to collaborate and for purchases, check out her Etsy storefront.