Contributor Corner Shines Its Spotlight on Capitol Standard

By Loren Nebrich

 Here at Made In The District, we are proud to present Capitol Standard as our spotlight blog for this week’s Contributor Corner.

To give you a feel of what Capitol Standard is all about, take a look at how they describe themselves: CAPITOL STANDARD contributors live and work in the District and have their fingers on the pulse of this city. From the best places to work, to influential people to network with, rest assured, if it’s worth knowing in this town, we already do. Launched in 2014 by CAPITOL STANDARD Media House, we’re the leading lifestyle magazine for the highbrow, globally minded young professional setting the standard in their fields today and tomorrow.

In an effort for you to get a glimpse of who Capitol Standard is, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite posts from their blog, in no particular order.


1.    “7 Life-Changing Ways to De-Stress Right Now"

With life, school, and work, stress seems inevitable. Lately, I’ve been searching for different ways to de-stress as I push through a particularly tough semester. Catherine Miller’s article could not come at a better time. She provides seven different ways to de-stress, even offering a link to after work relaxation moves. I felt less stressed just reading through each tip. Miller’s writing style is relatable, conversational, and eloquent. Definitely a must read article for those looking for to de-stress!


2.    “Start Your Day With A High-Energy Dance Party. Seriously.”

In this article, Michelle Rosinski brings to light an entirely new concept for me. A new movement called “DAYBREAKER” is shaking up the way you start your mornings by dancing. This is a fun take on exercise in the morning, and while that isn’t a new concept, Rosinski really makes this movement sound intriguing. If you’re looking to change things up in your life, I suggest starting your morning with a dance.


3.    “Where to Find the Best Art, Poetry, & Culture in DC”

One really cool thing about Capitol Standard is its guide to all things happening in D.C. In this article, Michelle Rosinski gives the reader an inside scoop on the best place to see art, listen to poetry, and immerse yourself in D.C.’s culture. Providing links to each event, Rosinski makes this article interactive and accessible for the reader. My favorite thing about this article is that I would never have found these places by myself. If I ever find myself in D.C. with nothing to do, I will be sure to check out one of these places.


4.    Eating Tips for a Healthy, Active Lifestyle”

As cliché as it may sound, I have decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. Along with the above mentioned de-stress article, this one really came at the perfect time. Gitanjali Borkar gives the reader tips and tricks to a healthier lifestyle, and as an added bonus, goes into great depth explaining each tip thoroughly. That not only provides credibility, but also gives me a sense of understanding and a solid foundation I can build off of. Great read for those looking for a change!


5.    “6 Rules to Career Zen”

As a website dedicated to the young professional, no article is more pertinent than this one. Melanie Rivera-Duppins gives the young professional several tips to improve their relationship with their boss, a huge part of having a “zen career.” Rivera-Duppins meticulously explains each tip she has for the reader, while managing to keep interest until the end. A really great read for those looking to improve their relationship with their boss!